About Us

Yarra Valley Dairy is part of the property known as Hubertswood owned by the Mooney Family.

Named after one of the early settlers and vignerons, Hubert de Castella, the property has been used for producing our fine artisan cheese since 1994 and located in what is known as one of the premium wine and dairy regions of Australia.

‘Hubertswood’ is situated in an area with a long a well-established history of dairying. When early settlers came to the area, a cheese factory and buttery was established, supplying the region with fresh local produce. The neighbouring farms still produce fine quality milk which we use to produce our exceptional cheeses here at the Yarra Valley Dairy.

Wine and cheese are natural partners and in our lush, fertile region the land plays a vital role in the production of both, lending strong, definitive characteristics to the produce through the varied skills and personalities fo the dairy farmers and viticulturists, cheesemakers and winemakers.

The Cheese Factory

Our Cheeses are made using the freshest cow’s milk provided by our neighbouring dairy farms and our goats milk is delivered regularly from the Mansfield region only a couple of hours away, where the natural environment and pastures are more suited to farming goats.

Most of our cheeses are fresh and soft in character, with a firm nod in style to the simple, fresh farmhouse cheeses produced in Italy and France. Our focus is on producing as much as possible by hand, with all our cheeses made, wrapped and packed by our dedicated cheesemakers and production staff.

The Cheese Shop

The Cheese Shop is open 10:30am – 5pm daily and only closed for Christmas and Boxing Days. Located in the beautifully refurbished, original milking shed, we offer platters of our much-loved cheeses alongside various, carefully selected regional produce and great local wines.

Thousands of visitors arrive each year to take in the stunning views of the Yarra Valley and taste our superb artisan cheeses, taking home years of experience and knowledge in each of our handcrafted Yarra Valley Dairy cheeses.