Gold Mountain BBQ Sauce


After the fallout from your hot affair with Original Red and the subsequent breakdown in communication with Original Green, the alimony, loss of the house, your self-respect, superficial dreams and the job you hated anyway, one day when you least expect it, there will be Warm and Smoky, striding into your life like a horseman of the apocalypse, looking you unflinchingly in the eyes and summoning all your earthly wisdoms. Authentic, tasteful, deep. You’ll realise how shallow your relationship with Green was, how self-absorbed Red was – shaking you to the core anyway and how it was all worth it… for this. Warm and Smoky will have you on a pilgrimage to enlightenment – complex and soulful – and it will embrace you like a warm bath.

Inspired by many.
Loved by all.
Accept no spurious imitations.

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You have reached the end of the internet, please turn back and take some hot sauce with you!

Red cayenne chillies
Two kinds of vinegar
Smoke Paprika
Assorted Spices
Ground coriander
Spring water
Mountain pepper fruits and leaves
Mountain pepper fruits and leaves
Xanthan gum

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