Original Red


You’ll lust over this one – it’ll smack you in the heart (to begin with), set fire to your soul and seduce you like you didn’t know what was coming. Your life will be turned upside down and it will feel naughty and rebellious. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of it. You’ll hide it, covet it, lie to everyone about it. You’ll try telling yourself over and over that it’s just a passing fling – now you’re lying to yourself. The more you resist, the more you find yourself messaging at odd hours, arranging illicit rendezvous’, going on a diet, joining a gym, changing your wardrobe and in a total hex. This is life!

Inspired by many.
Loved by all.
Accept no spurious imitations.

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You have reached the end of the internet, please turn back and take some hot sauce with you!

Red cayenne chillies
Two kinds of vinegar
Ground coriander
Spring water
Mountain pepper fruits and leaves
Xanthan gum

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Dimensions20 × 5 × 5 cm