Wild Blackberry


This is the funky uncle that appears only for Christmas lunch each year, tells far fetched tales, gives you a cute kitten for a gift and borrows your favourite leather jacket which you’ll never see again. His motorcycle is a Harley, his laugh is infectious and he lives on a ranch with a jacuzzi and horses. Try sparingly at first! You know he’s not totally mad and you’ll visit him when you get your Harley… to collect your leather jacket. And eat spare ribs or the left over Christmas ham lavishly drizzled in this magical sauce!

Inspired by many.
Loved by all.
Accept no spurious imitations.

You have reached the end of the internet, please turn back and take some hot sauce with you!

Red cayenne and Habanero chillies
Hand foraged blackberries
Two kinds of vinegar
Bourbon (alcohol removed)
Dark brown sugar
Assorted Spices
Spring water
Mountain pepper fruits and leaves
Xanthan gum

Additional information

Weight0.25 g
Dimensions20 × 5 × 5 cm