Enjoyed by many, loved by all

Highlander Mountain Pepper Sauce is now Australia’s only hot sauce containing the Mountain Pepper berry and leaf to give a uniquely Australian piquancy.

Highlander Mountain Pepper Sauce is presently available in four fantastic flavours: Original Green, Original Red, Bourbon and Blackberry, Deep and Smokey.

mountain pepperberry

Original Green

Beautiful, tangy, piquant sauce with a fresh green colour. Has universal application and particularly goes well on sausages, fish, pork and even used as a slightly spicy salad dressing.

Original Red

A lovely bright red coloured sauce with some good, rounded heat and enjoyable piquancy. Ideal with steak, sausages, eggs, big breakfasts.

Bourbon and Blackberry

A smooth, deeply coloured, fragrant and rich blend of chillis, bourbon, blackberries and a hint of piquancy. Ideal with chicken wings, sausages and anything you’d throw a bourbon sauce at.

Deep and Smokey

Glorious warmth with a rich, mouth filling smokiness and a hint of tang that will have you wanting more. Ideal with any red meat and with cheese, crackers and a fine glass of red wine, or anywhere you want to add extra smoke.

Our Story

Bringing Australia’s mountain pepper to people in a sophisticated but approachable locally produced hot sauce – Highlander Sauce!

About Mountain Pepper

Mountain pepper (Tasmannia Lanceolata) is a shrubby tree that grows in the cool alpine regions of Tasmania and south-east mainland Australia, namely Victoria and southern NSW.

It has four times the antioxidant properties of blueberries and a range of health giving properties that are still being studies.

Mountain pepper has more of a herbal dimension, and packs more of a spicer, sharper, hotter punch, compared to our everyday pepper.

The flavour of the dried leaf is strongly defined by a range of chemical terpene compounds and heat is derived from the compound polygodial. Berries are also characterised by the polygodial content, but also show sweet fruit flavours and pungency before the full effects of the heat are experienced.

Both the berries and the fruit are used in Highlander Mountain Pepper Sauce to provide a complex spicy heat and fruitiness.